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A Comprehensive Ecosystem of Sex-ed Solutions

WeGrow Education empowers Vietnamese Youth to live their full potential. Our programs focus on:

  • Building Healthy relationship

  • Self-protection from violence and abuse

  • Personal identity & development

  • Career guidance

Featured prgrams

We deploy updated and progressive teaching methods into all of our curricula, including Experience Learning, Project-based learning, and Gamification, delivering with a complete Socio-Ecological approach, making a personalized, enjoyable, and practical learning experience for all students and parents.

Sex-ed for children

With quality education and life values ​​as the foundation, comprehensive sex-ed helps young people increase their knowledge, skills, and attitudes, and create their own happiness.

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Sex-ed for parents

Not only are children learning, but parents also need to be involved and actively acquire the knowledge and skills to constructively build a development-promoting environment for each family member.

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Sex-ed for schools

Consulting policies, curricula, training teachers, and accompanying schools and institutions to build a comprehensive educational environment.

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Diệu Nhàn

It was lovely attending TeenUp. I have learned so much. I cannot wait to join again next summer.

Ms. Lợi
CEO @ BeU Cosmetics

I've always wanted to talk to my son about safe sex, but it somehow always became too awkward to even start. After the course, he significantly turned out to be more mature. I was so, so much relieved.


I look forward to our next program. We are confident about a lasting partnership between our school and WeGrow Edu.


Mrs. Vân
Lecturer @ University of Commerce

I cannot be more grateful of WeGrow for accompanying my family in the last 8 days. It was not long but now my daughter is well aware of her self-worth and is grateful for life. Thank you for helping me realize she has been a mature human being. Thank you, sincerely!


Mr. Trà
Head of Parents Council

I am so proud to introduce WeGrow to my children's class and implement a successful course for the children. I've seen mediocre-quality courses. None of them teach the kids to be good people like this course. So awesome!

Mr. Đạo
Principal @ Nguyen Van Huyen school

Since 2016, WeGrow Education aims at our mission of connecting and accompanying progressive educators and parents who share the values of happiness education and the vision of Viet Youth living their full potentials.

Unlike general courses on soft skills, every program by WeGrow Edu aims at developing learners through the philosophy of characteristics education, which is rooted from the base of rights, core values and community engagement (it takes a village to teach a child!). With standard programs of K-12 CSE (SIECUS, US), a total focus on learners and  a team of experts in Gender & development field,

WeGrow has partnered up with 37+ schools and institutions, delivering a great source of inspirations, knowledge and skills to 28.000+ students in Hanoi, Vietnam.

It all starts from characteristic education

Our educational philosophy
More than 28.000+ students have chosen WeGrow
With our trusted partners
WeGrow on media

Ở các nước phương Tây, Giáo dục giới tính (sex-education) là môn học bắt buộc từ rất sớm ở giai đoạn Tiểu học, thậm chí lồng ghép nội dung từ những năm mẫu giáo nhằm nâng cao nhận thức cho học sinh về chính bản thân mình, giúp các em...


Mô hình giáo dục bình đẳng giới

Theo khảo sát của dự án, thì có hơn 90% các em học sinh THCS thừa nhận đã từng chứng kiến sự bất bình đẳng giới ở nhà và ở trường học. Điều này cho thấy, sự phát triển của các em đang bị giới hạn ngay chính hai môi trường gần gũi nhất với các em.


Học sinh tự làm dự án về bình đẳng giới chỉ sau 3 ngày...

Chỉ sau 3 ngày tham gia trại hè, các bạn nhỏ đã có thể tự thực hiện và thuyết trình dự án liên quan đến vấn đề bình đẳng giới.

The Happiness Empowerment Journey

... is a brave and challenging quest, but absolutely worth it.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step.

Start now with WeGrow Education.

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