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Why is this a book series?


Knowledge of international standard sex education: The content of the book series applies the US K-12 SIECUS framework standard

Eye-catching design: Colorful illustrations, sharp and vivid visual images help stimulate children's brains and curiosity

Humane message: Each story in the book teaches children a good knowledge or virtue. Children will learn and follow to form their personality from a young age

Cultivate good habits: Every day, listening or reading a good story, a good lesson for 90 days in a row will help children form new habits

Access code to "TeenUp Arena" - Where children will accompany 28,000+ peers to complete challenges, unlock potential and bring back thousands of attractive gifts

100% Money reimbursement: when you complete all the challenges on "TeenUp Arena" within 90 days

The set includes

6 books

knowledge and challenges for children


3 books

For parents only


1 ticket to join

TeenUp Arena


age group

sex education topic



920,000 VND 639,000 VND

<Applies to both age group>

  • Set of 6 color illustrated books with nearly 100 easy-to-understand lessons on gender knowledge combined with painting activities, puzzles, games...

  • Free shipping even if you only buy 1 set.

PARENT COMBO & children
1,390,000 VND 920,000 VND

<Applies to both age groups>

  • Includes 6 books for children and 3 books "Empowering Happiness” designed specifically for parents - teaching parents how to talk and connect with their puberty children.


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Confessions of parents about 
our books

Đỗ Thanh Tùng - CEO Amaisoft JSC - công ty lập trình.jpg
Anh Tung - CEO Amaisoft JSC
Phạm Minh Tổng - Trưởng phòng Kinh doanh tập đoàn Bảo hiểm AVIVA Việt Nam.jpg
Mr. General - Sales Manager of AVIVA Vietnam Insurance Group
Screen Shot 2022-08-31 at 15.19.11.png
Mr. Tung & Ms. Oanh - Chairman of the Board of Directors of Medic Group (Medic Group)

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when experiencing the book series

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