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What is a "Rise and Shine gift box"?

Rise and Shine gift box  is a Sex Education product, providing knowledge and practical experience for children aged 4-18.

Rise and Shine gift box helps children grow up Safe from many pitfalls and Happy from Gender stereotypes/barriers.


What is in Rise and Shine gift box?

30  items in 4 sections


1 - Happiness Room


2 - Secret Corner


3 - Body Lover


4 - Tranquil Space

01 item package that initiate parents and children connection

​The product set is created, developed and designed based on research on psychology, behavior and habits of each age group, to ensure that the boxes not only bring enjoyment but also education and necessary skills.

Sự khác nhau giữa các phiên bản

hộp vui.jpeg

 (4-7 year old) 

Happiness Room: books, games, gifts with messages about happiness and safety


Body Lover: items and activities to help your child build self-care habits


Secret Corner: share basic knowledge about body, independence and prevention of sexual abuse


Tranquil Space: lovely and cute items for children to decorate, play and look at every day

HQ 9 .jpg

 (8-11 year old) 

Happiness room: books, games, gifts with messages about growth, happiness and safety


Body Lover: items and activities to help your child build self-care habits


Secret Corner: sharing knowledge about family affection, growing up and preventing sexual abuse


Relaxing Corner: lovely and cute items for children to decorate, play and look at every day

Hộp 3.jpeg

 (12-15 year old) 

Happiness room: books and gifts that provide detailed and complete gender knowledge, and carry messages of confidence, happiness and safety during puberty.


Body lover: items and activities that help young people take care of themselves and get ready for the changes of puberty


Secret corner: share knowledge about sex, reproductive health, sexual health


Tranquil space: lovely decorative items and experiences to take care of the mental health of young people


 (16-18 year old) 

Happiness room: books and gifts that provide deep gender knowledge and self-direction, carrying messages of maturity, responsibility and freedom of choice


Body lover: items and activities to help young people take care of themselves and be ready to become an independent, caring and responsible adult


Secret corner: share deep knowledge about respect, consent and safety in love - sex - marriage, family and children. Contribute to finding self-direction, interests of children.


Tranquil space: lovely decorative items and experiences to take care of the mental health of young people


<Apply for 4 age groups>

- Nearly 10 items include basic knowledge, expressed in the form of: books, flash cards, photos... accurate, comprehensive in knowledge and close, cute in experience.

- Free shipping with orders of 2 Boxes or more.


<Apply for 4 age groups>

- Nearly 30 items including the most extensive knowledge and full experience, 

expressed in the form of: boardgames, books, flash cards, models... accurate, comprehensive in terms of knowledge and close, cute about experience.


- Enclosed with a package of companion instructions for parents: interaction quiz (psychological test), instructions for writing letters to children...

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Confessions of famous parent customers

Sharing by Lecturer Phan Ho Diep 
- mother of Do Nhat Nam

Initially, I refused to promote products for you because I rarely receive PR for parties, but after experiencing the Gift Box with my own hands, I suggested the opposite to be livestreamed to introduce and spread well. to concerned parents.​


If Nhat Nam is in Vietnam, I will definitely give Nam this gift box and let you experience it for yourself, because when you give it to your child, it means that you have given your child your trust and a part of you is also opening it. the door to the world of your soul...

Ms. Thu - Teacher

My child is in 8th grade, so I want to fully equip him with knowledge and experience to be safe first.


It is better to draw a path for the deer to run right, than to let the deer run indiscriminately. I myself took the psychological test of the parents in the Gift Box and only got 14/20 and I applied the change in it, one day I accidentally read a message from my child to you: praise your mother for psychology these days. .


​I wrote to my son and I'm glad he realized he's not alone in his growing up. In this era, there are many pitfalls around children such as harassment, school violence, ... but I am most afraid that children do not share with their parents but suffer alone.


​Thank you WeGrow Vietnam for accompanying you and An, all of your experiences here have been very rewarding and wonderful.

MC Thao Van

In the product, there is one very good and important thing that is the opportunity to find the disconnect between parents and children when their children enter puberty, this is probably what makes parents the first. ..


In the Gift Box, my friend Titus loved the book Puberty by Eddie and Marley. He liked that style, liked the way it was written, and especially praised this book.


I think this is a really meaningful and highly educational product. Children can learn but parents also learn, I also have tools to talk and confide in my children more easily.


I also feel happy and proud to recommend this product to my friends, who also care about this urgent issue for their children.


Thank you WeGrow Vietnam!

Singer Hoang Bach

Being a crazy teenager is a fun, but difficult experience. Being a dad at a crazy age is also a difficult, but enjoyable experience. Both have to try and grow together.


Love my son, I'm sorry that sometimes I'm so crazy, really crazy and struggling. But I love and always want to accompany you.


​In the matter of Educating children, I am very careful and thoughtful before learning about products for my children. After Bach and Rhino shared the experience, Bach would like to introduce this comprehensive method of Sex Education at home to parents because it is really URGENT, BENEFITS and the children are also very ENJOYED.

Confessions of ADVANCED parents
about Hop Truong Thanh

CHỊ tú.jpg
Ms. Giang - Master of Economics, Lecturer at Foreign Trade University
Ms. Tu - Assoc. Prof. PhD, Dean of Faculty of Finance and Banking, University of Economics,
Hanoi National University
Ms. Van - Center director
The Art of Ping
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Children smile when experiencing 
Hop Truong Thanh

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From demonstrations on how to use a condom to more nuanced discussions about gender roles, WeGrow Vietnam's classes aim to deliver essential information to Vietnam's youth.

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