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Sex-ed is not only for the kids

TeenUp - a liberal sex-education course that sparks inspirations, fosters self-confidence and enable family connection. A happy family is the most concrete foundation for children's development.


90% of students during school-life have suffered from:

Sexual harassment

Lose parental connection

Physical & mental violence

Feeling home is no longer safe

Lose self-confidence

Use of alcohol and addictives

Early and unsafe sex

Depression and suicidal thoughts

Unwanted pregnancy

Peer pressured and toxic stereotypes

Meanwhile, many parents believe:

1. Sex-ed solely belongs to school's responsibility

2. My child is too young to learn sex-ed, or, they will know it themselves when growing up.

3. Children are purposefully uncooperative as being childish, while the fact is not many parents remember to actually listen actively to the kids.

A Natural Girl

Understand to love better

Aware and empathize with children's psychology throughout their developmental stages to be a better advocate.



Arm yourself with necessary knowledge and skills to overcome any limits: external risks and internal conflicts.

Family Trip


Create a chance for your family to sit down and reflect on how your family is growing up through the days. Together come up with an awesome action plan.

A new perspective:

Happy family = Happy individuals

Most popular learning paths

TeenUp Basic

(4 sessions)

0869 784 688

Basic Sex-ed for students

Age-appropriate class and content

3 modules:

  • Our bodies

  • Reproductive health

  • Violence at schools prevention

Fees included:

  • Tuition and materials

  • Lunches and snacks

  • 1 slot for a parent to join TeenUp Gala

TeenUp Plus

(11 sessions)

0869 784 688

Comprehensive Sex-ed program

Age-appropriate class and content

8 modules:

  • Our bodies/Getting ready for puberty

  • Personal safety and prevention of sexual harassment

  • Violence and schools handling

  • Teen dating? ♥

  • Reproductive health

  • Personal identity buildup

  • Communications skills for healthy relationships

  • Family bonding


Fees included

  • Tuition and materials

  • Lunches and snacks

  • T-shirt

  • 2 slots for parents to join TeenUp Gala

0869 784 688

1 slot of TeenUp Plus with 8 modules for 1 kid

+ 1 slot of Expert Mom or Expert Dad

8 module:

  • I can do it

  • Active listening in parenting

  • 4.0 parenting

  • Anger control

  • My dream, and my family's dreams

  • 5 languages of love

  • We're the perfect two

  • Our family is a team!



Fees included

  • Tuition and materials

  • Lunches and snacks

  • T-shirts

(most popular)

TeenUp Family

(1 student - 1 parent)

Feedback from students and parents


Diệu Nhàn

It was lovely attending TeenUp. I have learned so much. I cannot wait to join again next summer.

Ms. Lợi
CEO @ BeU Cosmetics


I've always wanted to talk to my son about safe sex, but it somehow always became too awkward to even start. After the course, he significantly turned out to be more mature. I was so, so much relieved.​


I look forward to our next program. We are confident about a lasting partnership between our school and WeGrow Edu.


Mrs. Vân
Lecturer @ University of Commerce

I cannot be more grateful of WeGrow for accompanying my family in the last 8 days. It was not long but now my daughter is well aware of her self-worth and is grateful for life. Thank you for helping me realize she has been a mature human being. Thank you, sincerely!

Mr. Trà
Head of Parents Council

I am so proud to introduce WeGrow to my children's class and implement a successful course for the children. I've seen mediocre-quality courses. None of them teach the kids to be good people like this course. So awesome!

Mr. Đạo
Principal @ Nguyen Van Huyen school

Lovely moments of students

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