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Sex-ed for Families

TeenUp - The sex-ed course unlocks the inspiration, happiness and confidence of each individual in the family, pioneering in uniting the whole family to create a solid foundation for the child's development.​​ for children from 8 to 18 years old in Hanoi, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh City


85% of students participating in the Course
have at leas
t experienced:

Quấy rối tình dục

School violence

Loss of confidence because of social prejudices

Unintended pregnancies

Lost connection with parents

Use of stimulants & addictions

Early & unsafe sex

Depression and thoughts of suicide

Doesn't feel safe with my family

Chasing trends and stereotypes about men/women

Sexual harassment

"During elementary school, I was bullied by the girls in my class. They didn't let anyone play with me.

Every day when I go out to play, I lose my pen, spill ink on my book, and tear my notebook. Once, I was even slapped. I dare not tell anyone. When I got home, my mother beat me for tearing up my notebook. I don't know what to do either, I can only endure until the end of 5th grade to transfer schools. I learned that I should have told the adults sooner..."

What do you study at TeenUp?

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DAY 1: Solidify your knowledge of Sex Education

- Learn about puberty body changes

- Learn the process of creating a baby

- Puberty dating? Reproductive health and safe sex

- Understanding gender, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity

- Identifying stereotypes, prejudices and discrimination

- This body is ours

- Self defense skill


DAY 2: Discover yourself, freely break through

- Say no to bullying and deal with bullies

- Negotiation and conflict resolution

- Discuss the project and guide the construction of social projects according to Design Thinking method

- Outdoor Teambuilding game to develop teamwork skills and teamwork: Amazing Race


​DAY 3: Creating a project on growth and adolesence

- Find my voice: experience self-discovery of your own inner voice

- Understanding identity and the importance of identity in the journey to adulthood

- Experience interactive role play to solve problems

- Relax body and mind, release negative energy and emotions together

- Activity to write letters to yourself and loved ones


​DAY 4: Connect with your family, nurture happiness

- Review and finalize the project to prepare for the Closing session

- Groups present their projects and critique each other, parents listen together and ask critical questions

- Parents and children participate in some experiential games to understand and bond with each other

- Parents and children have a dialogue with each other under the coordination of BTC

- Parents and children exchange handwritten letters and express love, trust and companionship


Đà Nẵng 
Koceano Resort Villa, Hải Châu, Đà Nẵng


Hồ Chí Minh city


Napy Garden, Đồng Nai


Hà Nội
Zen Resort, Ba Vì, Hà Nội

​Only 15 students/course

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Parents who want to register for a Sex Education course for their children can register HERE
or call the Sex Education Vietnam Organization (WeGrow Vietnam) directly at HOTLINE 0869 784 688

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Our Sex-ed Curriculum on
Vietnam National Television (VTV1, VTV6...)

​More than 10 international newspapers and many prestigious domestic newspapers talk about WeGrow Vietnam


Thay vì chỉ tập trung vào các biện pháp tránh thai hay phòng chống xâm hại, WeGrow Vietnam tiếp cận từ khía cạnh quyền của cá nhân và phát triển con người. Đội ngũ muốn giúp các em biết cách bảo vệ và yêu thương bản thân, trở thành phiên bản tốt nhất của chính mình. 


Talking about sex is "sort of forbidden", says Linh Hoang, a 23-year-old on a mission to change outdated attitudes in a country unused to open discussion about sex or gender identity.


The millennials changing the face of sex education in Vietnam

Students at WE learn how to build healthy relationships and protect their bodies. Each lesson reinforces the validity of their self-identity and their freedom to make their own choices, with a message of gender equality woven throughout.


Parents edge away from the topic of safe sex and society "has no idea what sex education is and how to do it," said Linh, who recalled her own biology teacher attempting to cover reproduction without explaining what sex was to a group of confused 13-year-olds.


Talking about sex is "sort of forbidden", says Linh Hoang, a 23-year-old on a mission to change outdated attitudes in a country unused to open discussion about sex or gender identity.


After a tough start, their work has been recognized by, among other people and institutions, the U.S. State Department, which has chosen it among 25 projects to provide some funding.

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